Grade 2

  • Rules and Procedures
  • Matching pitches (Tonal Focus: so-mi)
  • Playing instruments (Bells)
  • Call-and-response
  • Beat vs. Rhythm
  • Multicultural Music: Ghana
  • Exploring the origin of songs and meaning of the words and their importance
  • Matching pitches (Various tonal patterns and keys)
  • Coordination of large motor skills with music
  • Improvisation (Making up own words to fit in responses for songs)
  • Specific usage of high and low through using so-mipatterns
  • Basic notation, using so-mi patterns
  • Listening: "The Banshee" by Henry Cowell (Time allowing)
  • Responding with singing correct pitches and using complete sentences in songs
  • Matching pitches
  • Basic structure of form (AB/ABC)
  • Basic notation
  • Creating own movement to songs (Assessment to Form)
  • Multicultural Music: Mexico
  • Beat vs. Rhythm
  • Matching pitches
  • Form (AB/ABC)
  • Holiday Songs
  • Pitches: high, medium, low
  • Matching pitches
  • Form (AABBA/Figure out other forms)

  • Transferring singing pitches to the step bells
  • How to unpack/pack step bells
  • Proper use of step bells and mallets
  • Rhythms: Quarter Note, Eighth Note, Quarter Rest

  • Listening: In the Hall of the Mountain King from The Peer Gynt Suite, by Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
  • Connection to Rhythm with the aforementioned listening piece (introduce half note)
  • Folk Songs from Other Parts of the World

  • Review of content from the school year